10 Recommended WordPress Plugins

by | Sep 6, 2019 | WordPress | 0 comments

Yoast SEO

Plugin for Search Engine Optimsation, this is essential for any website and it has 5 million installations, the paid version gives extra features.


The best security plugin, stops people from hacking your site,
free version is probably all you need.

Easy Updates Manager

Automates updating WordPress and plugins so you don’t have to manually update them. Updates to plugins are very frequent often need updating every few days, you need the most recent updates as soon as possible as they are often removing security loopholes.

WP Rollback

Needs to be used with above because occasionally a plugin maker may not have tested it thoroughly with a new version of WordPress so it enables you to rollback to a previous version of the plugin. If you manually update WordPress and plugins you would test it to see if there are any problems which is why you need it with the above.

Post Duplicator

Enables you to make a copy of a page or post so you can use it like a template.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Displays Google analytics reports and real-time statistics in your dashboard.

CMS Tree Page View

Displays pages in a neat hierarchical format with branches of child pages.

WP Time Capsule

Backs up your WordPress website and does incremental backups whenever you make a change, also has a staging copy of your website so you can make changes to it and update to the live site when happy with the result. There are many other back up solutions but I like this one because it is cheap $49 a year for 2 sites does incremental backups which saves space and resources and gives a staging version of your website which is very handy.

WP Rocket

This is used to boost the page loading time of your website, very important as Google penalises slow loading sites on search results. It is a premium theme only includes features such as lazy loading whereby only loads the visible part of the page until you scroll.

Contact Form 7

There are many contact form plugins but this is the best completely free, very popular with 5 million downloads not the easiest to use if not familiar with html and css, but very flexible and you can do anything with it. I use it on my website if you take a look on my contact us page. Also many extensions of this plugin for instance you can add in payment options, add a DB extension to capture leads and use like a mini CRM, add additional fields such as drop downs and conditional questions etc.