Website Design

We can create a brand new website using WordPress.

Alternatively we can upgrade an existing website to a new design, including making it mobile friendly and quick loading.

We can install plugins for functionality for things like Security, SEO, Google maps etc.


Website Development

We can upgrade an existing WordPress site website installing a theme and configuring it or modifying one already installed. After that we can install and configure plugins to carry out a large range of tasks from SEO to Ecommerce.

In addition if you want a website which needs extensive development involving coding I can carry that out as well.


Website Maintenance

Ideal for a company that doesn’t want to employ someone full time to manage the company’s website.

Services include the option of daily/weekly/monthly backup services, uptime monitoring, hosting if required, monthly reporting, periodic auditing of the website and adding new content and any other features and plugins to the website as required from time to time as well as updating plugins and themes.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be seen as an investment as it takes a while to produce results. PPC(Pay Per Click) such as Google Ads can produce quick results as targeted ads can be scaled once the ROI (Return on Investment) is worked out. I can do PPC and SEO packages for a monthly retainer, or PPL (Pay Per Lead) using Google Ads where only leads that can be traced to clicking on an ad and a subsequent phone call are charged.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a powerful way of getting a good and measurable ROI for a business. However they can be quite complicated to use.

We can offer a free data initial analysis of your paid Facebook Ads campaign, or set one up if you don’t have one. Then we have an initial trial period to maximize ROI. Afterwards an ongoing arrangement can be made to manage the Ads for a monthly fee.